Heating Controls

Installing heating controls could save you up to 40% on your heating bill. Heating controls allow your system to monitor the temperature in every room of your house and react accordingly to reduce heat and hot water heating when not needed.

Reduce Waste

If you Zone your heating, you can heat different areas of your home only when needed.
A typical 2 Zone heating controls will heat Water and Central Heating.
With a 3 zone system we have one for water along with the central heating split into 2 Zones i.e. upstairs and downstairs. You can then choose to heat the rooms you are using and hot water as you need it.

Reduce cost

Now that you are in full control of your home heating system you will see reductions in your home energy bills due to better home heating management. With a typical *40% saving on your home heating costs it will pay for itself in no time.

Multi Zone Heating & Control

Multi‐zoning is simply a system where each room in your house or building is treated as an individual heating zone. This means that each room will have its own unique temperature. Multi‐zoning allows you to control the temperatures in each room, so you can set the system to suit your daily needs. Therefore, you only heat the rooms you need, when you need them to be heated.

You can control the system, no matter where you are, at work, on a bus, or even on holidays through your computer, laptop or smartphone.

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